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Research motivation and history

1995: An unknown phenomenon is observed.

This phenomenon showed that there was a direct relationship between gravity and electromagnetism. In terms of current theory, this is considered impossible. This invoked occasional inquiries and search for theoretical possibilities of explaining this phenomenon.

1999-2000: An essential idea comes out.

A new idea explaining gravitational phenomena and emergence of matter. This concept was named the Deficit Theory of Space. In terms of current categorizations, it is a unitary theory (not closed in mathematical terms, which a large freedom of possible solutions) based on a conservative approach, building on a simple fundamental principle. The acceptable number of spatial dimensions is limited to four; this is the only verifiable option. The theory is based on Einstein's geometrical view of space.

2007: Initiation of applied research project.

Theoretical concepts had developed to an extent allowing their verification by an actual high-capacity model, so-called ERB condenser.

October 21, 2008: SUPRATECH is founded

The newly established company takes over the project, initiating research activities on a semi-professional basis. .

2012: Initiation of basic research

The research addressed the verification of Maxwell's equations. We focused on the following essential - from our point of view, physically ungrounded conclusions and predictions:
1. Rectilinear motion of an electrically neutral wire in so-called homogeneous magnetic field should induce voltage in the ends of the wire. As the main proof, so-called Faraday's generator is considered for current electrodynamics.
2. The interaction of so-called homogeneous magnetic field with electrons in an electrically neutral wire moving through this field is, in terms of electrodynamics, equivalent to the interaction with separately moving electrons. As the main proof, so-called Faraday's motor is considered for current electrodynamics.
3. The actually mathematical law is, in Maxwell's equations, considered as a general physical law, claiming that the sectional (geometrical) change in the induction flux in so-called homogeneous magnetic field is the physical cause of induction of electromotive force (Faraday's law), representing a generalization, which combines a wide variety of phenomena into a single principle.

These conclusions and predictions are very difficult to verify by experiments without the use of Faraday's motor generator. It is the functionality of this homopolar generator or (inversely) motor, which is taken as a simple proof of validity at present. In practical electrodynamics, the experimental values cannot be reliably predicted unless dozens coefficients are used. The doubts mentioned in the previous paragraphs lead us to the design of the brushless Faraday's motor generator (or, as well call it, Pure Direct Motor Generator), which was to verify the theoretical assumptions in an equivalent manner. We failed, facing the question “what now”?

Our research was namely motivated by the presumption that mathematical logics, when applied to physical reality, can result in unrealistic fundamental errors and the at least one of Maxwell's equations (which were discovered around 1865 and have been taught as part of fundamental courses of physics study programmes) may represent a simplified and inexact interpretation of the reality.



The properties of micro-world are manifested in the macro-world more than we have thought so far.
They do not vanish; they just change their forms, waiting for being discovered. This is why we have decided to include the preparation of the previously advised report on the direct evidence that a change in magnetic flux is a weak condition for electromagnetic induction into our monograph, not earlier. Another reason consists in the large amount of data and evidence beyond the scope of a brief report. If anybody is interested in preparing such a report, we can lend them a bench tester of homogenized magnetic field. Instead of this report, we shall publish an updated version of the existing report (evidence using the development of the Lorentz force is strong enough), which will clarify the physical causes why induction cannot develop in homogeneous or homogenized magnetic field. In the updated report, the mathematical procedure is even more adapted to Maxwell's equations, thus clarifying why these equations have so long been resistant to any revisions predicted by the quantum physics:
In general, you will find that this is due to the fact that most of the design solutions for invoking induction or the opposite phenomenon are, in physical terms, in an area not allowing the revelation of other properties of the magnetic field thanks to various symmetries and technological feasibility. Easily feasible technical solutions used so far, which only use non-homogeneous magnetic field, do not provide complete information.
In other words: we have not settled for the academic reductionism or mathematical inductions. Our methods are predominantly deductive and experimental. Thanks to these methods, we have succeeded in simulating the homogeneous magnetic field, discovering the fact that the current theoretical conclusions of electrodynamics are not generally applicable. In the updated report, we will conclude that the micro-world properties are manifested in the macro-world much more than we have thought so far.

The fact that patent offices worldwide are mistaken in their decision-making could result in revaluation of the official theoretical platform. In the spring of 2017, we offered to the CTU Prague's Dean, through the data box, the possibility for all employees of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering to gain a reward from a motivation account. This call invoked no response at all. Nevertheless, a mere demonstration of a functional model of some of the patented pure generators /pure motors (to offer rental or purchase of the actual product, we provided the patent numbers and references to the authors in the call). The current balance of this account is provided here. On top of this amount, there is another CZK 200,000 to cover overhead costs. The original text of the call is available on this link.
We will strive to present our experiments systematically in the media. We would like to ask other people to contribute to this refundable motivation account. At present, we definitely know that no one will we able to demonstrate any (patented) model of PHG / PHM; the only purpose of contributing to this account is to discredit the current approach to electrodynamics and, therefore, scientific conservatism. For more information click here.

Considerations on mathematical and physical logic, part 2:
A young doctoral student came with a splendid example of the vast gap between the mathematical and physical logic: “All excavators in your living room are blue.” Is this a true statement? 99.99% of the population immediately answer: It is a false statement as no excavator can fit in most living rooms. Some people will see it as a tricky question. There are very few people, who will know that the statement is true in mathematical terms. Moreover, any statement over an empty set is true in general. We can say anything about certain set until the moment we find that it is not empty. The physical logic is on the side of the overwhelming majority and, by this logic, anybody must object that the statement does not make sense. That means that a physicist thinks of things, about which they can assume that they belong to some non-empty set of interest. Mathematicians think about anything regardless the fact whether the object of interest as any real basis. A mathematician stresses soundness and completeness, while a physicist should not aim at completeness and closeness at all. A physicist can only approach the actual truth. Once a physicist starts to try to find some closeness and completeness, in which they can succeed, they are in danger that this truth will be mathematically popular in general. This is the trap, into which current official electrodynamics has fallen. It has not changed for 150 years. The author of the basic equations of electrodynamics became a celebrity. Any progress was stopped. It is quantum physics, which is revealing those contradictions between the traditional and quantum electrodynamics. Many academics explain these contradictions using a shortcut, which appears to be true: In the macro-world, all the quantums disappear. The previous sentence represents a statement over an empty set. Nobody has a clue, what this set of failing factors looks like, and yet many people resort to such reductions. However, nothing disappears. Similarly to the open space, where astronomers discover relicts bringing information on the past and structure, in electrodynamics - that is, in our laboratory - we discover macro forms of energy levels. As a conclusion, we come to a practical statement: Statements over an empty set or a set, on which we know nothing, are sterile in physical terms.