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New discoveries in electrodynamics can change our society.

New discoveries in the field of electrodynamics will undoubtedly result in a massive drop in investment in nuclear research. The attitude to this research will be, in terms of power self-sufficiency, much more sceptical. Nuclear enthusiasts will lack arguments for justification of the efficiency of this expensive research field (the current arguments include e.g.: use of nuclear fusion in future power plants, use of Higgs boson to master gravity... and there certainly are much more... As for the first argument, it will be probably easier to use the already existing super-plant - the Sun. The second argument mentioned above is rather interesting then realistic. It is quite similar as trying to understand the origins of life on the Earth by installing a huge cannon on the Moon to bombard the Earth). Governments as well as enterprises will redirect their investment in new technologies, which will be related to both military and civil utilization of high-capacity units and electromagnetic warp. The consequences for the economics will be substantial. Especially the power engineering sector will exploit the possibility of accumulation of power from alternative sources (sun, wind, tide etc.) to a large extent. We could rather say that the power engineering sector will face the greatest transformation (or crisis) of all times due to the diversification of power storage in relatively small modules. Individual end consumers will be able e.g. to store solar power. This will result in a gradual decrease of importance of distribution systems.

In the context of physical history, new theories represented a generalization of previous theories. On the other hand, an old theory was a special case of a newer one. The discovery of electromagnetic warp, however, brings electrodynamics to an unprecedented situation. Maxwell's equations will be narrowed down to a heterogeneous magnetic field. This process will be remarkable thanks to the fact that the heterogeneity of the field allows abandoning the Euclidean notion with immanent magnetic field in such an idealized space. This narrowing allows to consider the space as a physical entity with specific geometrical properties cause by magnetism. It allows spatial work in 4D. The discovery that the science could have lived in a long-term blunder due to a general mathematical and academic tradition and scientific culture, leads us to the conclusion that there will be certain changes in the educational system. The area will be dominated by alternative instruction methods laying stress on individual creativity with minimum levels of memorizing. The main stress will be laid on the ability of effective search for information necessary for resolution of given problem. The contribution of information technology and, subsequently, of simulation systems to the description of physical phenomena will increase and these systems will be continuously updated (at present, something similar is on the way e.g. in meteorology, cosmology etc.). Academic education will be probably shorter and, in the end, replaced with practical instruction with direct involvement in teams and workplaces dependent mostly on their results and economical aspects of their work.

In relatively distant future, the development of power accumulation technology will overcome several turning points, resulting in an essential transformation in the economic environment. Other consequences will include a different view of production, productivity and employment. Preference of sustainable development in combination with purposefulness and profit will no longer be considered as vanity. The regulatory provisions for free entrepreneurship will be mostly dominated by environmental criteria. The changes mentioned above will also influence the overall view of the purpose of education and belief. At present, the long-term globalized educational system results in an excessive emphasis on employment and personal career and unintentional suppression of the importance of family. There will be essential changes in the philosophy of life. The area of belief will not be strictly categorized in individual religious systems. These will gradually merge in meta-systems, characterized by individual view of faith in itself.

At the first sight, the last three paragraphs seem to be too futuristic, without any relation to electrodynamics. Nevertheless, we must not forget that the changes in the generation, accumulation and transformation of power are of great importance for the future model of human society. Let us recall the history of relevant discoveries.



Some academics know the answer how to control gravity.
Surprisingly enough, they are not able to answer the following question: How come that none of the patents granted, which involve pure homopolar motor or generator , are not functional ?
These academics delude the general public that to control gravity, we need research on LHC, or an even larger LHC. Actually, they may even want to launch sort of media campaign (or perhaps a collection) to implement another, even larger collider for crushing the matter.
Realizing the energy levels, at which LHC works, we clearly see that the concept of industrial application of any unstable particles is completely unrealistic. These particles, although they fit well into certain mathematical model, overcome anything else on Earth by their energy demands. It is similar to looking at a fabric with an interesting colour structure. With a little imagination, we can see patterns in the structure, which resemble e.g. human faces. Similar perceptions usually report the people who encountered a ball lightning. Of the wide spectrum of acoustic effects, they only select those they are able to discern. If they do not see the fireball, they may think that there is an uninvited guest in the neighbouring room, coming from the ghost realm or from the underworld. We only see what we are able to see and hear what are able to hear, or what we are able to analyze or expect to be analyzed.

From our point of view, by crushing the matter with predefined and assumed predictions, we cannot get to any usable results. The only results we get will lead to even more effective weapons of mass destruction. If you give a child a cannon to play, they just learn to shoot. The black holes that the stakeholders wish to create in LHC will not absorb matter or antimatter or eliminate gravity. They will only absorb money, reliably and irrevocably.

To control gravity in a non-reactive manner, we must
inevitably examine more energy-efficient systems.The only way to achieve to achieve this is using considerably lower energy levels. This involves particles, which are stable and can exist in clusters. It is more meaningful to examine matter in forms that need not be constantly energized. This is the only way to understand and capture the easily overlooked properties of the nature. We do not speak about “laws of nature” and this is on purpose. The laws are only invented by people who would like to seize the surrounding world and gain control of it. The nature is unsteady and adaptable and cannot be captured by simple laws. What is presented as a law will eventually prove to be as a mere prismatic vision. Above all, we do not have to subsidize such “social” particles with larger and larger amounts of energy. If we understand deeper their behaviour in clusters at commonly available temperatures, we can be sure that there is a financially and technically achievable goal of utilizing such knowledge. If only a fraction of the funds, which have been irreversibly lost in LHC, was invested in the latest findings published by us (among others) on this website, then the emwarp-based powerplanes would provide, in five years’ time, thrust levels close to the values provided by small satellite carriers. Our tiny budget only allows us the production of physically-demonstrating models, which are slowly coming to the stage, which could initiate a revision of Faraday's and Maxwell's notions of electrodynamics from the late feudalism era, when scientists believed that ether was a ubiquitous and universal medium intended for distribution of electromagnetic radiation. The same applies to the generalizing notion of hypothetical homogeneous magnetism, flowing virtually from the infinity to another infinity.

The foregoing sentences tell about very smart and gifted people, who have or had brilliant logical skills based on mathematical and definitory mental patterns but only a vague sense of the technical and physical reality.