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Research motivation and history

1995: An unknown phenomenon is observed.

This phenomenon showed that there was a direct relationship between gravity and electromagnetism. In terms of current theory, this is considered impossible. This invoked occasional inquiries and search for theoretical possibilities of explaining this phenomenon.

1999-2000: An essential idea comes out.

A new idea explaining gravitational phenomena and emergence of matter. This concept was named the Deficit Theory of Space. In terms of current categorizations, it is a unitary theory (not closed in mathematical terms, which a large freedom of possible solutions) based on a conservative approach, building on a simple fundamental principle. The acceptable number of spatial dimensions is limited to four; this is the only verifiable option. The theory is based on Einstein's geometrical view of space.

2007: Initiation of applied research project.

Theoretical concepts had developed to an extent allowing their verification by an actual high-capacity model, so-called ERB condenser.

October 21, 2008: SUPRATECH is founded

The newly established company takes over the project, initiating research activities on a semi-professional basis. .

2012: Initiation of basic research

The research addressed the verification of Maxwell's equations. We focused on the following essential - from our point of view, physically ungrounded conclusions and predictions:
1. Rectilinear motion of an electrically neutral wire in so-called homogeneous magnetic field should induce voltage in the ends of the wire. As the main proof, so-called Faraday's generator is considered for current electrodynamics.
2. The interaction of so-called homogeneous magnetic field with electrons in an electrically neutral wire moving through this field is, in terms of electrodynamics, equivalent to the interaction with separately moving electrons. As the main proof, so-called Faraday's motor is considered for current electrodynamics.
3. The actually mathematical law is, in Maxwell's equations, considered as a general physical law, claiming that the sectional (geometrical) change in the induction flux in so-called homogeneous magnetic field is the physical cause of induction of electromotive force (Faraday's law), representing a generalization, which combines a wide variety of phenomena into a single principle.

These conclusions and predictions are very difficult to verify by experiments without the use of Faraday's motor generator. It is the functionality of this homopolar generator or (inversely) motor, which is taken as a simple proof of validity at present. In practical electrodynamics, the experimental values cannot be reliably predicted unless dozens coefficients are used. The doubts mentioned in the previous paragraphs lead us to the design of the brushless Faraday's motor generator (or, as well call it, Pure Direct Motor Generator), which was to verify the theoretical assumptions in an equivalent manner. We failed, facing the question “what now”?

Our research was namely motivated by the presumption that mathematical logics, when applied to physical reality, can result in unrealistic fundamental errors and the at least one of Maxwell's equations (which were discovered around 1865 and have been taught as part of fundamental courses of physics study programmes) may represent a simplified and inexact interpretation of the reality.



Expected publication of the results of the experiment with the direct change of flow of homogenized magnetic field:
The purpose of this experiment is to show even for the most sceptical ones that the change of magnetic flux is too weak of a condition for the emergence of electromagnetic induction. The result of the experiment will be published similarly to the paper already reported in terms of the emergence of Lorentz force. The technical implementation is not easy as we do not content ourselves with neglecting the heterogeneity of the magnetic field.

Why have these experiments been carried out earlier? There is still a large gap between academic concepts and their experimental implementation. Out company strives after bridging this gap by a non-traditional physical and technical approach. A long time has already elapsed since the creation of Maxwell's approach; during this time, a number of discoveries have been achieved, which may contribute to a review of this approach.

Concurrently with the experiment mentioned above, measurements of motion of conductor in a heterogeneous magnetic field are carried out in combination with the study of the dependence of conductor movement in a variable magnetic field on the induced voltage level. This will represent another step to the creation of a prediction method based on modified (narrowed down) Maxwell's equations. At present, we are not planning to publish these measurements.

In the near future, we will strive after a systematic promotion of our experiments in the media. We would be very glad if other contributors to (in our opinion) a return motivation account took part in this process. Further information can be found at here. The fact that patent offices worldwide make mistakes in their decisions could result in the initiation of the process of review of the official theoretical platform. At the same time, other workplaces might also be activated, which could be able to work on research in electrodynamics, carrying out equivalent experiments. In 2017, we offered to the Dean of the Czech Technical University (CVUT Prague), that any of the employees of the faculty of Electrical Engineering would receive a financial reward from the motivation account. It remained without any response, even though it was sufficient to demonstrate a functional model of any of the patented pure engine/generator. All patent numbers together with contact to the authors were stated in case of a necessary purchase. The current balance of the account is here, with an additional 200,000 CZK available for overhead costs. The translation text of the call is available for viewing on this link.

Considerations on mathematical and physical logic:
The mathematical areas utilized in physics (e.g. mathematical analysis, algebra) are closed logical systems derived from axioms and definitions based on the Euclidean concept of space. Axioms and definitions are elements not requiring evidence.
Physical logic is, in our opinion, the opposite of the mathematical logic. It is therefore open and not based on axioms and definitions. If anything is considered as a law (axiom) in physics for the sake of simplicity, then this law needs to be continuously proven and confronted with its experimental and practical implementation. The same applies to physical definitions, which are based on current concepts and needs of practical physics. This approach allows interpreting the physical reality in a dynamic manner, updating this interpretation continuously based on new findings. This approach to physics results is a view in that e.g. mathematical analysis can be used, to the extent of efficient application, as a source of inspiration and approximate description of physical phenomena, not as a part of the basic structure.