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SUPRATECH s.r.o. Laboratory of Physics and Technology

SUPRATECH s.r.o. was established on 21 October 2008 by registration at the Regional Court in Brno under file No. C 60057. At the end of 2012, the company made several discoveries in the field of electrodynamics.

  • About our research

  • What we discovered

  • We use new tools in electrodynamics

  • What we have published and what we are going to publish

  • Well-informed subjects writing about our discoveries

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  • About our research.

    The company's initial task was to conduct applied research, particularly in the field of electrodynamics. One of the company's goals was to design a pure DC engine-generator with parameters that would exceed the commutator DC machines and eliminate the power limitation of AC machines with electronic control. The applied research of a pure DC motor consisted of a laboratory design phase in line with the current theoretical perspective as we understood it at the time, and of the planned stage of providing a design version applicable to the general electrical engineering industry. Various variants of DC machines without brushes and electronics were tested. We were also inspired by existing patents worldwide including a Czech patent, which was already out of date at that time. The final output of our applied research, although we suspected some anomalies, was still surprising. The finding that no variant of a pure DC machine is functional, combined with other previous circumstances, initiated some basic research. Experimental testing of current theoretical electrodynamics has become a priority. This was done with the help of modern technology and ideas and the discovery of the high-temperature superconducting shield from 1987. Finally, the set goals have led to several other discoveries that we would like to turn into economically viable reality.

    What we discovered

    - Capability of influencing the mutual repulsion of electrons by magnetic field. Application in the construction of high-capacity electrical capacitors based on a new physical principle.

    - Macroscopic quantum effect - frequency change as a function of the measurement angle.

    - Design of a pure DC machine (without brushes and electronic components) is technically feasible but no solution can be functional in physical terms.

    - Maxwell's equations are unrealistically general and are replaceable by a more precise level macro-energy concept of the magnetic field. We have therefore proven that the theoretical construction of a general homogeneous field without magnetic axis identification is not physically meaningful. (Identifying the magnetic axis means that we identify the energy correlations.) Maxwell equations pose a paradigm obstacle of the development of electrodynamics.

    - Several forms of electromagnetic warp - direct conversion of electricity into motion impulse without a reaction base. (The reaction base may be, for example, a magnetic rail in linear motors, or a stator in rotary motors. If we wanted to be spectacular, we could write that we discovered a way to realize antigravity.)

    - We found a theoretical macroscopic energy concept and probable relations that mathematically describe the link to Maxwell's equations. (Maxwell's equations are roughly in line with the new concept, with an error of up to 50%, within approximately 67% of all theoretically possible technical solutions. There is an exact match in one group of technical solutions only - these are the most common ones used in practice.)

    We use new tools in electrodynamics.

    We have modified the Faraday's Law as follows: Induction of electrical voltage only occurs to its full extent if the conductor is oriented co-linearly with the energy equipotential magnetic field levels and moves crosses them. This is the case in most technical and experimental solutions. This special case technically implies a penetration with a virtual magnetic flux. If the conductor moves along the equipotential levels and does not pass through them, induction does not occur. In the Faraday generator, the shortest conductive path connecting the peripheral and central brushes is extended in a spiral pattern due to the brush sliding on the disc. This happens across energy equipotential levels of the magnetic field. Thus, free electrons acquire a DC drift. (This is analogous to the effect of winding the conductor onto a circular magnet, which induces voltage and current.)

    We have modified the Ampere's Law as follows: The Ampere's force, as defined in the textbooks, only affects the current conductor in its entirety if the current conductor is co-linear with energy equipotential levels of the magnetic field. If this condition is met, the current conductor will move towards or away from the magnetic axis in its full force range. If the axis of the current conductor is perpendicular to the energy equipotential levels, it will only be subjected to moment forces, which preferentially rotate the current conductor so as to intersect as little energy levels of the magnetic field as possible. These moment forces cause a continuous deflection of the disk circumference with respect to the brush in the Faraday DC motor. (Rotation of the Faraday disk can be therefore explained, in terms of force, as a case of two interacting current conductors.)

    The macroscopic energy concept, as a tool for new technical solutions of direct conversion of electromagnetic energy into motion impulse without reaction base, without expulsion of matter.

    What we have published and what we are going to publish

    In the report here, we published the basics of the new energy concept of electrodynamics. We are going to publish a monograph named Extra-terrestrial electrodynamics. In its four chapters, we will show e.g. the following points of interest: an experiment in which the magnetic flux does not change and yet voltage and current are induced in the conductor; a force-based analysis of the Faraday DC motor that reveals the "mnemonics" of modern electrodynamics; an experiment in which we will absorb the same magnetic flux by shielding with the same magnitude but the results of the induced voltage will be different; and other topics including experiments with electromagnetic warp. We plan to hold a press conference to present the electromagnetic warp to the public.

    Well-informed subjects writing about our discoveries

    -The NATURE magazine published a paper describing and unsuccessful experiment, which was supposed to prove the validity of current electrodynamic concept. The report proposed a new macroscopic energy concept explaining this experimental failure of Maxwell's concept based on the continuity equation. The paper was rejected with the reason that they are more interested in publishing papers from areas that are more attractive for readers.

    - Czech Technical University in Prague was acquainted with an older version of the paper (we did not have a macro energy concept yet at that time) in which we pointed out and proved that no PHG / PHM patented anywhere in the world could work. We called upon the Dean of CTU to let anyone at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEL) prove that we are wrong by demonstrating a functional machine in the sense of PHG/PHM (we have provided patent numbers across the world plus one PV in the Czech Republic).

    - We approached an active professor at Masaryk University in Brno to comment on the experiment (video here) and explain how the induced voltage is zeroed when the magnetic induction lines actually bypass the superconducting shield. His response was obligatory. It resulted in the invalidation of the technical application of superconducting shields and in the same global view of both patent applicants and patent officers.

    - We have also contacted other associate professors and professors who are highly competent in the subject matter. No one attempted to interpret the experiment with a clear solution. Answers that contradicted relativistic explanations, pointing to physical creativity, helped us better configure other demonstration devices.

    - We informed the current Chair of ASCR about our most important discovery and asked her to provide us, through specialized experts (such as the Center of Higher Science and others), with information about their majority opinion on the failure of the experiment, which was supposed to prove the validity of the Faraday's Law for homogenized magnetic field. The communication of the Czech Academy of Sciences towards us was rather avoidant, which we briefly analyzed on justice.cz with a copy on our web here.

    Following our previous promotion activities, a prominent patent applicant from Colombia, who held a USA patent for a machine in the sense of PHG/PHM, contacted us by e-mail. In his email, he informed us that the technical implementation of his patent revealed an anomaly: the machine was inoperative.

    We offer a time-limited grant

    The reward amounted to CZK 1,000,000 minimum + CZK 200,000 for documented costs and was to be granted to the first person to demonstrate a functional machine in the sense of PHG/PHM..

    Investment partner

    We are considering collaboration with an investment partner interested in investing in patents in the US, EU, Japan and other countries.



    The properties of micro-world are manifested in the macro-world more than we have thought so far.
    They do not vanish; they just change their forms, waiting for being discovered. This is why we have decided to include the preparation of the previously advised report on the direct evidence that a change in magnetic flux is a weak condition for electromagnetic induction into our monograph, not earlier. Another reason consists in the large amount of data and evidence beyond the scope of a brief report. If anybody is interested in preparing such a report, we can lend them a bench tester of homogenized magnetic field. Instead of this report, we shall publish an updated version of the existing report (evidence using the development of the Lorentz force is strong enough), which will clarify the physical causes why induction cannot develop in homogeneous or homogenized magnetic field. In the updated report, the mathematical procedure is even more adapted to Maxwell's equations, thus clarifying why these equations have so long been resistant to any revisions predicted by the quantum physics:
    In general, you will find that this is due to the fact that most of the design solutions for invoking induction or the opposite phenomenon are, in physical terms, in an area not allowing the revelation of other properties of the magnetic field thanks to various symmetries and technological feasibility. Easily feasible technical solutions used so far, which only use non-homogeneous magnetic field, do not provide complete information.
    In other words: we have not settled for the academic reductionism or mathematical inductions. Our methods are predominantly deductive and experimental. Thanks to these methods, we have succeeded in simulating the homogeneous magnetic field, discovering the fact that the current theoretical conclusions of electrodynamics are not generally applicable. In the updated report, we will conclude that the micro-world properties are manifested in the macro-world much more than we have thought so far.

    The fact that patent offices worldwide are mistaken in their decision-making could result in revaluation of the official theoretical platform. In the spring of 2017, we offered to the CTU Prague's Dean, through the data box, the possibility for all employees of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering to gain a reward from a motivation account. This call invoked no response at all. Nevertheless, a mere demonstration of a functional model of some of the patented pure generators /pure motors (to offer rental or purchase of the actual product, we provided the patent numbers and references to the authors in the call). The current balance of this account is provided here. On top of this amount, there is another CZK 200,000 to cover overhead costs. The original text of the call is available on this link.
    We will strive to present our experiments systematically in the media. We would like to ask other people to contribute to this refundable motivation account. At present, we definitely know that no one will we able to demonstrate any (patented) model of PHG / PHM; the only purpose of contributing to this account is to discredit the current approach to electrodynamics and, therefore, scientific conservatism. For more information click here.

    Considerations on mathematical and physical logic, part 2:
    A young doctoral student came with a splendid example of the vast gap between the mathematical and physical logic: “All excavators in your living room are blue.” Is this a true statement? 99.99% of the population immediately answer: It is a false statement as no excavator can fit in most living rooms. Some people will see it as a tricky question. There are very few people, who will know that the statement is true in mathematical terms. Moreover, any statement over an empty set is true in general. We can say anything about certain set until the moment we find that it is not empty. The physical logic is on the side of the overwhelming majority and, by this logic, anybody must object that the statement does not make sense. That means that a physicist thinks of things, about which they can assume that they belong to some non-empty set of interest. Mathematicians think about anything regardless the fact whether the object of interest as any real basis. A mathematician stresses soundness and completeness, while a physicist should not aim at completeness and closeness at all. A physicist can only approach the actual truth. Once a physicist starts to try to find some closeness and completeness, in which they can succeed, they are in danger that this truth will be mathematically popular in general. This is the trap, into which current official electrodynamics has fallen. It has not changed for 150 years. The author of the basic equations of electrodynamics became a celebrity. Any progress was stopped. It is quantum physics, which is revealing those contradictions between the traditional and quantum electrodynamics. Many academics explain these contradictions using a shortcut, which appears to be true: In the macro-world, all the quantums disappear. The previous sentence represents a statement over an empty set. Nobody has a clue, what this set of failing factors looks like, and yet many people resort to such reductions. However, nothing disappears. Similarly to the open space, where astronomers discover relicts bringing information on the past and structure, in electrodynamics - that is, in our laboratory - we discover macro forms of energy levels. As a conclusion, we come to a practical statement: Statements over an empty set or a set, on which we know nothing, are sterile in physical terms.