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SUPRATECH s.r.o. Laboratory of Physics and Technology

SUPRATECH s.r.o. was established on 21 October 2008 when it was registered in the Regional Court in Brno under File No. C 60057. At the end of 2012, the company made several discoveries in the field of electrodynamics.

  • About our research

  • State of the art of electrodynamics

  • Where does our criticism of Maxwell´s equations stem from ?

  • Faraday's law versus effects of magnetic field gradient

  • Patent offices make their decisions on the grounds of obsolete and outdated theories

  • Can electrodynamics still tell apart a significant discovery from an insignificant one ?

  • An absurd situation in practical electrodynamics: Myths about homogeneous magnetic field

  • The money is intended for the first person - current reward is CZK 1,000,000

  • The future for Supratech s.r.o

  • About our research

    First, the objective of our company was to carry out applied research, especially in the field of electrodynamics. Later, the applied research turned into basic research. The priority of this basic research was experimental verification of the current theoretic electrodynamics, taking advantage of modern technologies, ideas and the discovery of high-temperature superconducting shielding from 1987. The set objectives led to several other discoveries that are currently used by our company as a basis for the creation of new technologies.

    State of the art of electrodynamics

    These days, traditional physical disciplines only restrict their focus on the mere description of the state. They are presented as a set of absolute laws. The research has virtually come to a stop. We have noticed the most serious backwardness in electrodynamics. Electrodynamics have become a kind of scientific mission and it is almost impossible to ask most of renowned personalities questions about physics and expect physical, meaning experimental, answers from them. The only answers we get are mathematical and theoretical ones that are generalized and considered to be best-proven with reference to the advancement in interdisciplinary or partial disciplines. Since 1865 it has been virtually impossible to push forward any new ideas and thoughts that would be against the current, experimentally outdated theory, which is due to hyper-correctness. The study of electrodynamics is actually a study of the continuity equation with multiple variations. Engineers thus have a theoretical tool that is overly dependent on various chart coefficients. The actual advancement in traditional electrodynamics is zero. Advancement in disciplines that have seceded from physics, more specifically from electrodynamics (e.g. electrical engineering, electronics, microelectronics), or advancement in interdisciplinary disciplines (e.g. biophysics, geophysics, electrochemistry, astrophysics) is often impropriated by traditional electrodynamics that claims it is the consequence of the quality of its theoretical basics. In fact, the theoretical basis of electrodynamics has never had any influence on the discoveries that pushed the above named disciplines forward. We have also noticed that many engineers don´t actually understand Maxwell´s equations and they often follow them in terms of time-related change in an induction flow, while they don´t respect (or very little) the preservation of continuity that should make sense by understanding Maxwell´s equations. This can be evidenced by various intuitive technical solutions that only exist on paper and at patent offices. Our research thus focused on these non-functional solutions. And we found out it is possible to make them actually work. We performed an experiment concerning the creation of Lorentz force. The report can be seen at the following link here.

    Where does our criticism of Maxwell´s equations stem from ?

    The following question must automatically come to mind: can such criticism be justified? The reply is as follows:
    Presentation of Maxwell´s equations concerns theoretic homogeneous magnetic field. This has widened the scope of values, in terms of mathematics, to a more general value scale that should include a positive result also for a uniform movement of electrically neutral conductor in a homogeneous magnetic field or, equivalently, for a time-related change of homogenous magnetic flux. However, no such homogeneous magnetic field exists out there in nature. Small non-homogeneities of magnetic values measured in experiments in the past have always been neglected. This, together with the fact that Maxwell´s equations do not provide, unless permeability corrections of the environment are made, direct values of the variables measured, implied a seeming harmony between the theory and the practice. Our company did not go along with this approach and performed its own experimental models using homogenized magnetic field (homogeneous radial pathways, circles). By using such a homogenized field we were able to verify reliably what the relations between an experiment and Faraday´s law (and theoretic electrodynamics in particular) actually are. You can find more information in an article about the experiment that proves there is a measurable discrepancy between the experiment and Faraday´s law from the perspective of Lorentz force (in terms of length integral: link ). The report on the direct result from the perspective of magnetic flux (i.e. planar integral) is currently being prepared. These two results constitute comprehensive physical evidence that simple movement of a conductor through a homogeneous magnetic field as well as a simple time-related change of homogeneous magnetic flux are only weak preconditions for the occurrence of electromagnetic induction or inversion. These results prove that mathematic equation, so-called Faraday´s law, does not apply to the value ranges that pass through homogeneous or radially homogenized magnetic fields. In case of those values that pass through real non-homogeneous magnetic fields, Faraday´s law may only show an approximate identity with reality by means of linear transformations expressed in environment permeability coefficients. We believe that readers who are good at maths will easily understand that any linear coefficient may make any physical values seem real.

    Faraday's law versus effects of magnetic field gradient

    Therefore, Maxwell´s equations give us only a rough picture of reality, in other words: they do not apply to homogeneous fields and they give us a wrong physical picture of non-homogeneous fields with mathematical values that are only approximately correct. An unpleasant theoretic consequence of our experiments for Maxwell´s equations is that the preservation of continuity of a magnetic field is insignificant with respect to the occurrence of induction. However, there is one positive fact for Maxwell´s equations, particularly for Faraday´s law: for every closed electric circuit in a non-homogeneous magnetic field there is a unifying, universal and linear transformation (Coefficient of average usability of magnetic field levels resulting from the magnetic field gradient) that will ensure that calculations will correspond with real induction values or inversion values and which, furthermore, replaces the coefficient that takes into account the magnetic environment. This coefficient is a measurable quantity, in contradiction to the mathematically derived environment constant (mathematically derived from the Ampère´s circuital law that is related to the Faraday´s law that is wrong in terms of physics). The environment permeability thus becomes a redundant constant. We could say that, in terms of Faraday's law, the permeability of the environment also implies (among others) the level of average usability of magnetic field levels. The problem is that from the perspective of Faraday´s law the environment permeability would always have to be zero for a conductor that moves in the direction of the magnetic fields and that is somehow homogenized. In a conductor that would be moving within the same field but in a different direction than the homogenized direction is, the environment permeability would suddenly shift to non-zero values. This fact is in apparent contradiction with the reason of existence of the environment permeability as it has to be constant for a given environment and independent of the source of the magnetic field.

    Patent offices make their decisions on the grounds of obsolete and outdated theories

    The purpose of publishing this kind of information is to evoke a discussion and request for new technical solutions and technologies we develop in connection with the experimental discovery of direct electric power transformation to a movement impulse (electromagnetic warp). This may be rather time demanding. We will only go to a patent office if we have a functional model. We do not presume that any patent officer would take us seriously unless we have such a model. This expectation is logically linked to the fact that Maxwell´s equations are “blind” to such presumptions of our, or “idle” if you like. By now we have gathered enough information we can start publishing without losing the investment potential resulting from our research.

    We did not expect such strong resistivity of today´s scientific conservatism. Can electrodynamics still tell apart a significant discovery from an insignificant one ?

    In the course of time we have come to understand it will not be easy at all to persuade the expert public to look seriously into what we are publishing. We presented an anonymous reviewer from Czech Technical University with semi-finished results for external examination and while we saw the courage to give general, unspecific and negative assessments, while we encountered a lack of courage to get engaged in specific discussions that would justify these rejecting attitudes to the results presented or with a lack of courage to give reasons why these results should be labelled as uninteresting. We have also presented an older version of a report on research outcomes to an academic theorist who refused to abandon relativistic argumentation in order to advocate the current theoretical platform, even at the price that in such a case that relativity would become applicable depending on what type of field we are observing. The response of this theorist was as follows: "...when looking at it from the perspective of inertial as well as non-inertial perspective, we arrive to an absolute identity between Maxwell´s theory and your experiment..." We can hardly imagine we could accept this approach in terms of physics and admit that there is no reference system for homogeneous fields that would ensure shielding, while there is always such a reference system for non-homogeneous fields. We could only admit this if we started using relativity as a universal magic formula. We believe (judging from just a single meeting so far) that the current academia is mathematically oriented (mathematics is a subject created by man, not by the nature) and lacks physically-technical invention. It also includes a certain amount of professional self-conceit and other influences. On the other hand, we should be grateful that the unanonymous academic we addressed was able to give us at least certain counterarguments. We can also find certain understanding for the rejecting response of a professor who has made a career in an academic environment where the topic of Maxwell´s equations is respected as the essentials of a fundamental physical opinion. The conservativeness of electrodynamics is confirmed by the fact that it is one of very few scientific disciplines that only accept one single theory and refuse all other alternatives (which is impossible, e.g., in medicine, biology or geology).

    An absurd situation in practical electrodynamics: Myths about homogeneous magnetic field

    In order to clear away the deep-rooted myth of current electrodynamics, which is the presumption that there can be solutions of direct current electric machines without brushes, electronics and semi-conductors (in other words independent of brushes and non-homogeneous magnetic fields), we have announced a reward for the person who will demonstrate us such a functional machine. We do so with respect to the existence of patents that present such solutions as not only functional, but also usable in industry. Naturally, we can provide you with the relevant researches upon request. Some of these patents may have actually been manufactured, but we believe that if they are functional, it is always thanks to internal electronics they are equipped with although the relevant patent application claims these inventions do not need it. The usual arguments are that such engines (for instance) could not otherwise be regulated. However, such an argument does not stand up, since external voltage regulators can do the same job and even in a simpler manner. It is thus not possible to install electronic devices internally in inventions designed in this way if they are supposed to be functional without electronics. However, we understand the marketing power of using one´s own invention de iure. Who cares that it is in fact non-functional and needs to be tuned up with well-proved adjustments.

    The money in our transparent banking account is intended for the first person who will demonstrate us a functional model: current reward is CZK 1,000,000 and keeps increasing. We will be more than happy to provide you with a manual how the money can be achieved using patents granted. Or it can not ?

    At present, the amount of the reward can be seen at our transparent account: link. We believe somebody will be interested in picking this money, all you need to do to get it is to prove us wrong. Or are experts paid so well these days that they couldn´t be bothered and try to get this money with a little effort? Terms and Conditions concerning this transparent account can be seen here: link.

    The future for Supratech s.r.o

    The future of our company lies in three tasks:
    - Development of new technology for the construction of electromagnetic warp.
    - Publishing and making appeals to academic public to start presenting unbiased and scientific arguments that would disprove the above mentioned experiments.
    - Writing a monograph that will provide comprehensive information about the new view of electrodynamics: it will include experiments we consider strategic for future investments.

    The purpose of the second task is to draw attention to the fact that electrodynamics (as well as some other disciplines) are outdated, globalised and unified, which increases the risk of long-term preservation of this global mistake. Some traditional disciplines focus on globalized correctness and live their quiet academic life that may be nothing more but missionary teachings. We are of the opinion that science should not be left in isolation within a community where the experts´ authority and genius is untouchable. Quite on the contrary: it is necessary to keep inviting scientific organizations (even in non-specialist terms) to prove the justifiability of considerable funds that are invested in their operation.

    You can find history of the costs our company invested, with no government subsidies, here: link. On this link you will also find detailed information about our activities and management in individual years.



    Some academics know the answer how to control gravity.
    Surprisingly enough, they are not able to answer the following question: How come that none of the patents granted, which involve pure homopolar motor or generator , are not functional ?
    These academics delude the general public that to control gravity, we need research on LHC, or an even larger LHC. Actually, they may even want to launch sort of media campaign (or perhaps a collection) to implement another, even larger collider for crushing the matter.
    Realizing the energy levels, at which LHC works, we clearly see that the concept of industrial application of any unstable particles is completely unrealistic. These particles, although they fit well into certain mathematical model, overcome anything else on Earth by their energy demands. It is similar to looking at a fabric with an interesting colour structure. With a little imagination, we can see patterns in the structure, which resemble e.g. human faces. Similar perceptions usually report the people who encountered a ball lightning. Of the wide spectrum of acoustic effects, they only select those they are able to discern. If they do not see the fireball, they may think that there is an uninvited guest in the neighbouring room, coming from the ghost realm or from the underworld. We only see what we are able to see and hear what are able to hear, or what we are able to analyze or expect to be analyzed.

    From our point of view, by crushing the matter with predefined and assumed predictions, we cannot get to any usable results. The only results we get will lead to even more effective weapons of mass destruction. If you give a child a cannon to play, they just learn to shoot. The black holes that the stakeholders wish to create in LHC will not absorb matter or antimatter or eliminate gravity. They will only absorb money, reliably and irrevocably.

    To control gravity in a non-reactive manner, we must
    inevitably examine more energy-efficient systems.The only way to achieve to achieve this is using considerably lower energy levels. This involves particles, which are stable and can exist in clusters. It is more meaningful to examine matter in forms that need not be constantly energized. This is the only way to understand and capture the easily overlooked properties of the nature. We do not speak about “laws of nature” and this is on purpose. The laws are only invented by people who would like to seize the surrounding world and gain control of it. The nature is unsteady and adaptable and cannot be captured by simple laws. What is presented as a law will eventually prove to be as a mere prismatic vision. Above all, we do not have to subsidize such “social” particles with larger and larger amounts of energy. If we understand deeper their behaviour in clusters at commonly available temperatures, we can be sure that there is a financially and technically achievable goal of utilizing such knowledge. If only a fraction of the funds, which have been irreversibly lost in LHC, was invested in the latest findings published by us (among others) on this website, then the emwarp-based powerplanes would provide, in five years’ time, thrust levels close to the values provided by small satellite carriers. Our tiny budget only allows us the production of physically-demonstrating models, which are slowly coming to the stage, which could initiate a revision of Faraday's and Maxwell's notions of electrodynamics from the late feudalism era, when scientists believed that ether was a ubiquitous and universal medium intended for distribution of electromagnetic radiation. The same applies to the generalizing notion of hypothetical homogeneous magnetism, flowing virtually from the infinity to another infinity.

    The foregoing sentences tell about very smart and gifted people, who have or had brilliant logical skills based on mathematical and definitory mental patterns but only a vague sense of the technical and physical reality.